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{Day 3} From Captive to Free

Oh man…you’ve gotta love the way God works. I had several titles of posts already set up. Having no idea what they would lead to. Now I say this because this morning I got together with a loved friend. We were discussing Rehab. Have you heard her story? If not, or if you need a refresher, please feel free to jump over here and read it. Then do me a favor, and come back to my humble abode here and join me to see how He’s connected her story and this title in my heart and head.

Rehab started out being captive to her culture. She was in a sense, the most judged person in her civilization all because of the profession she found herself in. Not only did she find herself being held captive by others judgement, she was also held captive by the king. For he relied upon her to seek out those that were coming in to take siege to the town.

On the other side, she found herself being taken captive by stories she heard about this one they called Yahweh. The God of the Israelites. She found these stories, these miracles to be profound. We can’t help but wonder if she may have found herself dreaming what it might have been like to live free, to experience the deliverance and love that this people found themselves surrounded by. Even if they didn’t realize just how blessed they were.

One day, one normal day for one in her profession, she was scanning the incoming crowds. When she saw those two men. Knowing deep within what these Israelite men’s intentions were. Having a fear of their God because of the stories that she’d heard, she was moved to take a drastic leap. A leap that could very well destroy the life she knows and likely be the very end of her life as well.

In the end, it’s this very leap that saves her life. Both literally and spiritually. While her actions may have been less than stellar and cause for speculation, the one thing that we have to look at is the amount of faith her actions took. Faith in a God she had only heard about.

How many times in our lives do we find ourselves being held captive by something? Perhaps it’s a “secret” sin. Perhaps it’s a label you (or someone else) has put on you. Then again it could just be a lack of faith, whether in yourself, in others, or in God.

Whatever is holding us captive, more often than not it is going to take a leap. Normally this leap is something that we feel is going to destroy us. That’s where we need to have the faith that Rehab did. She didn’t necessarily have faith in the men she hid. No, because all she knew about men is that they more often than not used her and left her feeling completely empty. She had faith in this God she’d heard so much about. She’d heard stories about His faithfulness and His power to overcome anything that may be standing in His way.

So I ask you today friend, is there a leap that God’s asking you to take? Might I encourage you to give it another thought? To bring it into consideration again? Then to pray over it, and actually do it? He is bigger than the jump, even if you feel like you’re falling, if it’s a leap He’s called you to, He will give you the extra stamina you need to make it to the other side.

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