Relabeled 2012 Wrap up

Well, here we are at the end of October. I set out to write for 31 days straight. I ended up writing 21 days all together. So not quite what was set out for, but I’ll take it. ūüôā My plan is to occasionally write a post and link it in with these as the inspiration for it comes.

Now that the month is over, I’m really feeling the need to take a break from blogging. This break will be for the month of November, unless I get some huge divine sign that I absolutely¬†need¬†to write on a subject. I am planning to use this time to revitalize myself and refresh my mind, body, and soul as my husband and I prepare for our little boy’s arrival around the start of December.

If you want to get the latest on what’s going on with me, you can catch up with my blog page on Facebook. Also, in December, I’ll be going from this url ( back to So, while it’s not much different, it is something to take note of. If you do subscribe via e-mail, this change will not effect anything.

So here is to November, and I hope we can keep in touch through FaceBook and Twitter (@AmyMcCollister).

{Day 23} From Smart to Wise

They seem like they’d be the same thing, don’t they? Yes, I thought the same thing when this topic hit my mind. So then, I decided to look up their actual meanings. Here’s what I found:

Smart: Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.
Wise: Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

Do you see the difference? One can be smart, while not being wise. This also works the other way around. One can be wise without necessarily being smart.

Think about it, how many times have you seen someone who’s very book smart, not displaying wisdom. Or what about a wise person not seeming to be very street smart? More often than not, I’m sure.

So the real task is blending these two ideals into one. The only way we can do that is by having consistent connection with the One who is not only wise, but also smart. The One who knows each of us better than we know ourselves. After all, He is the only one he is able to give wisdom when we ask, and to make us smart to the schemes of Satan, who wants nothing more than to knock us down a peg or two.

Which will you choose today? One without the other? Or both learned from the One who wants to give us all He can?

{Day 22} From Perfectionism to Relationalism

Okay, okay…I know I slacked off…again.¬†Days 19-21 just didn’t end up happening. This month has just been insane. I’d planned on coming home on Friday night after a birthday party and writing a post, but then¬†at¬†the birthday party I got a surprise. My Aunt Carla had flown in for the weekend, just for the baby shower. Then Saturday, the hubs and I had our birthing class, followed by an evening with Carla, Dad, my sister and her boyfriend. Sunday was jam packed with church (all morning), our baby shower (right after church), then small group in the evening. So my brain was pretty zapped from all the excitement/activity and the¬†last¬†thing I would have been able to do was concentrate on a post. I chose to, instead, focus on the blessing that this weekend was.

Anyway, onto today’s topic.

How many times in a day do we feel that our walk with God comes down to a list. The list that says I need to do this, that and the other. So long as each of these things get done, I’m on the right path.

What happens when that’s¬†all¬†our walk becomes about? When the list is the gauge to how we’re doing when it comes to our relationship with God?¬†What would happen if we turned our “to do” list into so much more?

On the other side of the coin. What happens when we spend so much time praying to, worshipping and loving God, that we forget that we are called to do some work. Whether on ourselves or on others?

Sure, I believe that this our faith can be demonstrated by doing such things, but are we not also called to look within ourselves to “fix” what needs to be fixed in our lives? What about looking beyond ourselves to the needs of others?

I believe that we are neither saved only by works, but also by faith. The two coinciding together create more than just a perfectionist faith. What we tend to find in the perfectionist faith is the to do list. I need to pray, read my Bible, worship, help so-and-so,  and so forth.

On the other hand, when we mix the¬†perfectionism¬†with the love God has placed in us for Him, we get a relational faith. I believe this is the type of faith that we are all called to. Not the strict “to do list” way of life, but a love motivated doing. Not an I-gotta-get-this-done-or-else mentality, but an I-want-to-do-this-out-of-my-love-for-Him mentality.

How much would our lives changed if rather than be motivated (or demotivated) by our to do list, we instead found ourselves motivated to do things out of the love we’ve found¬†in¬†Him?

{Day 18} From Failure to Forgiven

If you’re joining me from my Count Me Accountable post over at Must Love God, welcome! If you’re stopping here first, I’m glad to have you. Today I’m going to mix the running 31 days series of relabeled with my CMA update. This one and the one over at MLG are completely different posts, I hope you’ll join me in both places today.

To the nitty gritty.

Back in August, I started with an amazing group of women on a challenge called hello mornings. The purpose of this challenge is to make mornings count. To get up, spend time with God, exercise and get the day off to the best start possible. Instead of feeling rushed, it is meant to give meaning to the day. To realign priorities.

I was going strong, going well, for a good 4-6 weeks. Then several things hit, almost simultaneously. The third trimester started (the inconsistent sleep and all), my work schedule went a little wacky (and still is) and my energy seemed to evaporate all over night. No matter what the reasons excuses I hate to say that I’m at least 2 weeks behind on the 1 Peter Kept Study that I started in August.

I’m not doing too well with a sleep schedule. Part of that is due to working splits 3-4 days a week, part of it is due to waking up to reposition several times a night, and another part is simply laziness, not finding the motivation to get up each morning. I know being pregnant is a legitimate reason for a lot of things. However, I do¬†not¬†want to be able to get away with it.

It has been my goal from the start to not use my pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things, a reason for allowing certain things, or letting it stop me from enjoying things that I love to do. While in many areas, this goal has been an easy one to keep. The¬†areas I’m having issues with allowing it to become an excuse for not getting done what I set out to do is in my quiet time, and in my house keeping.

I¬†want¬†to keep up on both of these things. So my goal as I set out this week is to get at least one area in our townhouse cleaned up and organized each day, even if it’s only a corner, it’ll be a start. As well as to at least keep up with my youversion plan of reading 1 chapter from the new testament each day.

How about you? What are your goals this week? Share in the comments here, or join us over at Must Love God and link up your own post with us there.

Blessings friends.

{Day 17} Should’ve Been Me

This song has been playing on the radio later. It reminds me that no matter what I do, Christ died for me. Every time I hear it, I am reminded of just how great a sacrifice it was that He willing gave His life for me. It challenges me to relabel myself from deserving to undeserving. After all, we’re all undeserving when it comes to the grace that is offered to us freely in the form of a cross.

{Day 16} From Fear to Reverence

Fears, we all have them. Some of them menial. Some of them legitimate. Others we go out of our way to avoid.

What happens when we allow our fear of authority, our fear of punishment, or our fear of surrender stop us from truly seeking our Father who loves us.

Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Can God stop our pain? Sure. Should we fear Him because He allows us to feel pain? Absolutely not.

The fear we are called to, is not actually fear at all. We are called to live a life of reverence.

Reverence: Deep respect for.

Deep respect. I believe this comes from a deep commitment. From a deep love. A love that we can only find when we are seeking the One who created it.

I’d much rather live a life of reverence than fear. A life lived in reverence is a life that chooses to show the proper respect to the One I live for. A life of fear is a life living on egg shells due to not knowing what is coming around the corner.

How about you friend? What is different between a life lived with reverence and a life lived in fear?