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Year two anyone?

Last October I took part in a super exciting 31 days series. Some of you may remember my topic was music. Well, it’s that time again and I’ve been looking forward to this. For those of you who have been around here for a while, this year has been all about change for me.

God’s done some amazing work in my life, allowing me to strip off old labels I’d worn since childhood. Giving me the courage to place new labels, His labels on to myself. Even if I haven’t fully come to understand or believe them yet.

My goal for the month of October is to highlight the transforming power of His love and grace. Taking one label the world loves to place on people and shedding His light on them. Fighting them tooth and nail with His truth. That we might become more secure in who He made us to be, and strip off the ugliness of who the world thinks we are.

I’m going to ask for grace, encouragement and support this month. I’m praying that this will re-ignite my love for writing and deepen my understanding of my creator. As well as reconfirm who I am in Him. This journey is also one I look forward to helping with my life-long struggle with chronic insecurity.

I hope you’ll join me for….

Day 1: From New to Old

Day 2:  From Worthless to Priceless

Day 3: From Captive to Free

Day 4: From Rags to Royalty

Day 5: From Loner to Connected

Day 6: Musical interlude

Day 7: From Broken to Whole

Day 8: From Dead to Alive

Day 9: –No Post–

Day 10: From Good to Grace

Day 11: From Heartbroken to Hopeful

Day 12: Whatever You’re Doing

Day 13: From Forgettable to Memorable

9 thoughts on “Year two anyone?

  1. Hi, Amy! I’m stopping by as a visitor from our Facebook group about this challenge. I’m super excited to “meet” you, and I’m very, very excited to read your posts on this topic. I’ve always dealt with insecurity, and I’ve found in my own experience that it is very freeing to talk about it with others. I hope you have a positive experience along this journey this month – and I hope I can encourage you along the way!

    • Jessica, I am also one with chronic insecurity. I hope this series will bring both of us into a better understanding of exactly who we were created to be in the first place! Looking forward to getting to know you through this journey as well!

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