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Seeing the beauty {Multitudes 121-145}

Up until last week, this pregnancy has been fairly easy. Not too many of the negative symptoms and enjoying the bliss that is known as the second trimester. Then the third trimester hit, along with muscles ache (primarily in the back and legs) as well as major heart burn. Couple that with a long, stressful, and behavioral week at work, it makes for a tired mama.

Now, even though I know in the end, it will be worth each and every thing that may seem annoying right now. Sometimes it’s hard to look through the forest for the beauty. Which is why I love this practice on Mondays of counting the gifts given to me on a consistent basis.

121. New challenges
122. Baby movement
123. Steps in the right direction
124. Cool mornings
125. Bright cloudless skies
126. Fall temperatures
127. How the grass shimmers with dew
128. Kevin’s curiosity about Andrew
129. Peaceful mornings
130. God’s energy that  carries me
131. Boldness
132. Books that challenge me
133. Friends that do too
134. Daily grace
135. Perspective alignment
136. Confirmation (repeatedly) of call
137. Deep conversations with my love
138. Spirit movement
139. Our double-wide chair-perfect for cuddle time
140. Shared interests—especially unlikely ones
141. His vision for us
142. Registering for baby Andrew
143. New beginnings
144. A sweet, yet stubborn dad
145. Commitment

Won’t you join all of us who take part in the community? All you have to do is jump on over to Ann‘s place and link up with us!

What have you been learning?

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