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Five Minute Friday: Graceful

It’s time again for one of those weekly link-ups that many of us love so much.
Dare we be so bold as to write for a solid five minutes without second guessing ourselves?
Today’s prompt?


How is it that so shortly after just studying about a very topic, we forget that it’s meant not only to be taken into my heart, but also poured out onto others. It almost never fails that on the days that we’re prompted to study or write on a subject, it’s that very subject we’re tempted with.

To be graceful is to show grace just like our Father has shown to us. How can it be so hard for us to freely give to others what was freely given unto us? Is it because we so often think that the grace we have been given falls on us because of something we have done? Forgetting that it’s a free gift that HE gave unto us. Unto me.

Can we stop trying to earn it, and just let it fall on us. To allow it fill us to the point where it just naturally just pours out of us onto others? To be full of grace is to be full of God. For at His very core we’ll find grace.

Father,  Forgive me when I fail to show grace to those around me. Forgetting that you have given me grace, free without condition. May I learn to extend that same grace to others. In Jesus Name, Amen.


One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Graceful

  1. For sure – that is well written. I love, “To be full of grace is to be full of God.” When we can flow through the day with the Spirit of God inside us and pour out it for others – that is graceful.

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