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Taking Control So I Can Surrender

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But it’s true. In two weeks I’ll be joining hundreds of others in reclaiming my mornings to grow deeper in Him. To become a better representation of His love in every other area of my life. And from what I’ve heard and seen from friends is that there is one challenge that really seems to work.


What is hello mornings? Hello mornings is a challenge one can take that give you a group of loving, supporting, encouraging individuals. An amazing group leader. And a do-able challenge. The goal? To start each day off on the right foot: time with God, exercise, and planning out the day.

The fall session runs from August 20th thru November 16th. During this time, it is my hope that I can get myself on a routine. One that will *hopefully* still work come late November/early December when our lives get turned upside down with the appearance of little Andrew.

What will this look like for me?
1) I want to be able to get into a sleep rhythm (yes I know he’ll change that for me) but for me the rhythm will be getting to bed around the same time each night. My goal will be in bed (and hopefully sleeping) by 11pm, midnight at the latest, waking consistently around 8am. While that may be late for some (especially you first shift-ers who consider 8am to be sleeping in–lol) for a second shift-er like me, 8am is like the crack of dawn.

2) Consistently seek time in His word FIRST. Before checking my phone (that will probably be the toughest habit to break. Before checking Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Email. Checking in with Him, starting my day with consistent prayer, scripture and worship (however that may look for the day).

3) Find some light, easy-going exercise that will help me kick myself in gear after Andrew comes. After all, I lost the weight once….who’s to say I can’t do it again. Plus, I have a wedding in April that I need to get back in better shape for anyway. SHOWER! (after all I think my hubs, dad and client would all appreciate it…haha)

4) Eat breakfast (I have a horrible habit of skipping breakfast). As well as prepare breakfast for my love as well. As a bonus it would give us time to touch base before we both head in opposite directions for work.

So there it is friends. My plan for getting on track. Getting focused. And preparing for motherhood.

7 thoughts on “Taking Control So I Can Surrender

  1. Mornings have always been my favorite time. It doesn’t matter if I have to walk around for a few minutes to ‘wake up’…lol…it’s the best and most refreshing time. Especially with THREE kids running around all day. 😉 It make take you some adjustments when he’s first born but…you’ll find your routine and rhythm.

    • I’ve always found that if I don’t get my quiet time in first thing, it falls to the way side. I wish I could say I’ve once had the dedication and devotion to a daily study time, but I haven’t found the groove yet. So I’m really excited for this, because it’s sure to kick my rear in high gear.

  2. Your plan looks fabulous! I think you’re right on track for success. I can’t look at social media before my QT either. It’s simply too easy a distraction for me. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. I love hearing your heart in joining Hello Mornings! I laughed at your 8 am shift:) I feel like it’s early, too! That’s probably why I struggle waking at 6!! My kiddos get up around 7, so I’m aiming to rise before them! Hope to get to know you better 🙂 I think we also have our sweet Katie in common…right? Blessings, Amy!

    • HI Jacqui! Yes, if I remember right Katie is how I found you in the first place. 🙂 Isn’t she grand? I haven’t consistently seen 8am for probably 5 years now. So it’s going to be a chore. My second shift mind thinks it’s too early if there are any fewer digits than 4 on the clock when I wake up. 3 days in and doing well so far! Thanks for stopping by!

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