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When the rapids surprise

What can I say, there has been a lot of chaos the last couple weeks. Even with all the chaos, I have seen how in the end, so long as I have my faith planted in Him, I will have enough.

Sometimes in this life, people will let us down. Other  times, it will be circumstances around us that attempt to bring us down. Or stress, fear, worry and anxiety will try to sink us. But even when the rapids hit, we can be assured that He is more than enough to provide the strength for us to make it to the other side.

Whenever we take a step in His direction, He gives us strength that is big enough to overcome our obstacles.

Then when we clear the rapids, while we may be exhausted and feel like we’ve been beaten down in every possible way, we can look back and see how even if it didn’t feel like we had enough strength, faith, or peace, we’ll see that He gave us more than enough. Sometimes this comes through encouragement from good friends. Other times it comes from a simple song.

**On Fridays I like to join up with tons of others over at Lisa-Jo’s place. We write for five minutes flat. Writing without worrying about it being just right or not. Just allowing our heart to spill out for five minutes of unedited writing. Will you join us?

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