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Sweet Grace {CMA}

This past week has been sooo full of ups and downs. Emotional highs and emotional lows. Some steps forward, some steps back.

With all the emotional ups and downs comes a lonliness. Not by anyone else’s doing, but by my own. Afraid to reach out too much, and risking the feeling of being too needy. But at the same time, so desperately longing for the connection in hopes that it will help the cycle.

Does anyone else out there feel like they’re just going around and around in circles? Making progress in some areas while back sliding in others?

Yeah, I’m there too… 

Last week I posted on growing limitlessly, and unfortunately I can’t say it’s felt like I’ve been succeeding at doing  so.

I realized this week that the whole “maintaining activeness”…well yeah, that hasn’t happened like I was hoping. While most days work keeps me active, I don’t make the effort to continue being on my feet and moving when at home.

When it comes to emotional and mental health, I’ve had more bad days than good days with this. Raging hormones has made it hard for me several days this week. Between breakdowns for over absolute nothing, being uber sensitive, and getting very, very, very worn out due to a couple stressful weeks at work, those three combined have made living healthy in both emotional and mental states lately.

Spiritually I haven’t quite found something that works for me…not just yet. I have looked into a few different options for me, and started something today that I’m hoping will work well.

So this week, I feel like I’ve backslid more than I’ve gone forward.
So this week, I am extremely thankful for the grace He gives.
So this week I am thankful for John 1:16-17:

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

 Had it not been for the law that Moses gave, we wouldn’t understand how desperately we need the grace that came through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.**

With that said, this week I will cling to grace when I fail rather than stewing on the failures. I will do as Cassie says I will stop looking at the big picture, and start taking things one bite at a time. Will you join us?

On Thursdays, we join together to help each other stay accountable for our goals.

So how is your week going?  Have you been living purposefully?

We invite you to join with us in community, finding accountability for all types of things.  Are you struggling in specific areas or just in general need someone to cheer for you?

Let us know how you’re doing…by either linking up a post from your blog or simply leaving a comment!!!
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3 thoughts on “Sweet Grace {CMA}

  1. I love your honesty and transparency……as for me, I have been very successful at backsliding. Am I proud of it? No….but its a reality of my past few weeks. I thank God for you and for people He has Graced us with. The enemy wants us to think we are alone. We are not….we are united in Him and what He brings together no man can tear apart….and that means us. I’m with you girl…..til we stand before Our Maker and beyond…..I’m with you.

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