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Still haven’t found it…

Back in the fall of ’07, I found myself rolling into a new life at a Christian university that was a half hour from home. I had high hopes and big expectations as to what college life was going to hold for me. I mean, come on, I had a great boy friend at home who supported my going down there, I had a few friends from high school who were going down there as well, and I was pursuing a degree in a field I loved.

Not only that, I was going to be roommates with a girl from West Virginia whom I’d never met. When the school year started we were inseparable, got along very well, and had a lot in common. To make a long story short, it was probably the worst semester ever. After several weeks I quickly realized that I didn’t fit in as well as I thought I would. Nor did my roommie and I get along as well as we had in the beginning. The classes were good, but not as good as I had been looking forward to. I was finding myself very home sick very quickly.

Even with all that negativity surrounding my experience, there is one lesson in one of my classes that sticks with me still today. The teacher (one whom I didn’t like too much) took a secular song and gave it a deeper meaning that we might not have noticed at first, but is definitely there. First, I want you to listen to the song.

After listening to it, can you guess what the deeper meaning is? My guess is yes.

The writer of this song describes the lengths that he went to in order to find that one thing that would make him complete. After all his searching, all his trying, all his mind power the writer still wasn’t able to find that one thing to satisfy him completely.

What if instead of trying so hard to find that one thing he would have taken time to sit, be still, listen, study and wait for his Creator? Maybe then he could have found that One Thing that would have made him whole.

What about you? When you feel like something is missing, what do you do to find that peace that only comes from the One who can satisfy that longing?

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