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A Limitlessly Detailed Oriented God

Some people might say that God doesn’t care about the details…I say the opposite is true. God cares very much about the details, especially the minor details.

Look at these details He’s been in the midst of:

Today, May 23, was going to be a pivotol day. If you’ve been around here for a while you probably remember the dream altering news we received. If you remember, today was the day we had the ultrasound set up to look at the ovaries to see exactly how severe my condition was. Not only that, but to see what the likelihood of our being able to naturally have the family we’ve always dreamed of having.

Until…this happened. Now today held our second pregnancy appointment. I was able to hear the heart beat. It was faint, but still strong.

Not only was I amazed when these two dates coincided (I may or may not have laughed hysterically when I saw the dat of this next appointment). But He timed it just right that my next post in Must Love God would sure enough fall on…you guessed it…today. I’d love to have you join me over here.

How had God been working in the seemingly small details in your life?

One thought on “A Limitlessly Detailed Oriented God

  1. Amy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Having gone through similar experiences, I know your joy (and hesitation). How wonderful that you and your husband can share it with Him!

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