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Revamped CMA

Have you heard? Count me accountable now has a new focus. You can read about it here.

This re-focus couldn’t come at a better time. With this new journey that we’re on, the focus for my personal count me accountable was in need of a change of focus anyway. Our goals are to improve in every area of our lives. Everything from spiritual, to emotional, to mental, to physical. So here are the goals I have for these areas.

Spiritual: Honestly, my quiet time is not where it needs to be. My hubs and I have started the One Year bible, and so far I haven’t made it a priority the way it needs to be. So my goal is to wake up a good 45 minutes before I need to be anywhere to read that day’s passages in the One Year Chronological Bible.

Emotional: With raging hormones, my goal is to assess anything that may arouse my emotions. Asking myself if the reaction/emotions I’m feeling is adequate to the situation that caused it.

Mental: I am planning on spending more time focusing on the things of God rather than the things of this world. That means staying on top of writing the lists of the gifts He gives me each day and staying away from the things of this world that may pull me away from focusing on Him.

Physical: Since I can’t focus as much on losing the weight anymore, my plan is to continually choose the best out of the options there are to eat. As well as walking a few times a week to keep myself in the habit of doing some sort of exercise.

We are so pumped about this new format for Count Me Accountable. Won’t you join in on the conversations going on. You can do that either over at today’s post (linked to earlier) or over at our FaceBook page. 🙂

What have you been learning?

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