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Easter Recovery

Let me start by telling you about my weekend.

Friday night was indeed a good Friday. About an hour or so before I get off work, my sister text me saying “I miss you!” I told her I’d be home a little after nine and she said she’d be there. I get home, and she’s not there. I simply said “you lied” to which I was informed she’d be there soon. Soon should have had several o’s in it. During the waiting time, I find out that my uncle (my dad’s baby brother) came back up from Georgia for the weekend. A half hour later, she walks through the door with my mom. I said “that was one long soon.” Then my aunt, my dad’s baby sister who lives in North Carolina walks through the door and says “it’s my fault!” I jumped up and gave her a huge hug. It definitely made my night.

Then Saturday, the four of us (Hubs, sis, aunt and I) all went out to lunch. Then my aunt and I went out to pick up some stuff for some Easter baskets for my in-laws. We spent several hours at this store and that one to make it perfect. Then I went to a family dinner at his dad’s house (he had to work). We were waiting until Sunday to give the baskets, since they weren’t completely done, it was a good thing. 🙂 Then I got home and my aunt and I went to see one of the few cousin’s I have on that side that still lives here in Fort Wayne. I met him, his wife, and his two kids. The best/saddest part? They live 4 minutes away driving, so like 10-15 minute walk… So now that we’ve connected that relationship should continue to build.

Easter Sunday came. This wasn’t any regular Easter Sunday. First, our sanctuary was packed with people, granted 1/4 of it consisted of my family and in-laws who were all there to watch my younger sister and I get baptized. It was such an amazing experience. At the start of service my sister, who was sitting behind me, leaned forward and said, “oh by the way, you’re going first.” Which was totally, totally fine with me. At the end of service we got up there each said a little testimony from the past year. Then when Rob asked who wanted to go first, my sister, to my surprise, said “I will.”

Here are the pics from yesterday. Thanks to Nikki for remembering her camera, and her husband Shane for taking the pictures.

This is when Rob is talking about new life and how
how awesome it is that two sisters want to take this
step of making our faith ours together.

This one was during our short testimonial time before

This is my sister being raised up into her new life

Me getting down into the water just before going under

Me coming up after and taking the first steps into my
my new, personalized, surrendered life

The rest of Sunday carried much excitement with all day family things and a few more surprises.

God’s been doing some big things, while I’ve been quiet here, I know humongous things are on the way and I couldn’t be more excited. Even when I don’t write on here much, I am always available through twitter @AmyMcCollister, on Facebook and through e-mail (godsbeloved110@yahoo.com).

Today starts some long days at work, but nothing I can’t handle. So recovery will probably take all week, but at least it’s recovering from a fantastic Easter weekend.

9 thoughts on “Easter Recovery

  1. Congratulations on being baptized!! That is so cool!

    We were talking to Stephen about it yesterday, and while I know that he doesn’t really understand all of it, it is still very exciting to hear him say that he wants to be baptized. 🙂

    • I had previously been baptized at the age of 9, but it didn’t become real until recently, and thought it’d be an awesome way to display the wholehearted surrender that’s been happening in my life.

  2. Happy re-birth to you, friend! What a wonderful proclamation to do on Easter Sunday! Love it!
    Proud of you for living for Him like you mean it 😉

    Hugs to you, friend!
    all for Him,

  3. Amy,
    IT was a wonderful weekend – Jesus’ Resurrection, all the family together, a wonderful service at both churches, baptism and a special gift. Hang in there on your walk with God, He will stay beside you. Thanks for sharing on your blog and I thank God for sending my another daughter. I love you

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