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Counting Gifts Changes Life…

…my life. Counting gifts is beginning to mold and change my life. Into something different. I’m only a few chapters in, but I can already feel the concepts sinking in. Last week, I was having a stressful Monday at work. When suddenly, deep within, I felt a stirring. It He was telling me me to write out some things I was thankful for. Before I knew it…this list was before my eyes:

66. Trials-for they remind me that only He is faithful
67. Music-for it restores my soul
68. Water-the substance of life
69. Living Water-The substance of eternal life
70. Sunny Skies-they always lift my soul
71. Friends that just “get it”.
72. Answered Prayers
73. Finishing the One Year Bible with my best friend
74. Unexpectedly picking up a new One Year Bible with my love
75. A friend at church-brought closer by a diagnosis.
76. Paleo
77. The natural sweetness of fruits
78. The filling of vegetables
79. The Gardner who planned them that way
80. New beginnigs
81. Good Vision
82. Smell of coffee
83. Hearing the whispers of God
84. Natural sweetness of fruit
85. Warm water cleansing the day away

After writing this list, the stress was lifted. It eased some. Yes, this listing, helped change a stressful day into a better day. What looked to be a bad day on the horizon into a hopeful one. Yes, this listing of the gifts is beginning to change the way I look at things. The way I handle situations. One little step at a time, I will conquer this world in one piece, with joy and peace within my soul.

Will you join us?

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