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It’s been too long

Sad to say, it’s been almost a month (to the day) since I’ve check in with my weight. If you remember, last month, I wrote Five Minute February. Since that series, unfortunately I have had a lot of life happen and because  of those circumstances, I allowed my healthy eating to take a back seat.

Although I didn’t gain more than four pounds (which in and of itself is a miracle) I haven’t been able to get back down to where I was before, just yet. Not without the help of this community. Without the help of my friends whom I’ve come to cherish.

Last time I checked in, I weighed 172. Today, I have to admit, I’m at 173.5. Which means I’ve lost 2.5 pounds from my highest weight since the last time I checked in, which is a start. A good start.

Today, I’m over here talking about how life can easily complicate our commitment and ways to overcome said challenges. Would you join in our conversation there? Take the challenge to get serious about living a healthy life with us?

2 thoughts on “It’s been too long

  1. Thank you for being bold. It takes guts to post your weight anywhere, much less the internet. I know just what you mean about life getting in the way of commitments.

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