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FMF: Faith

Day 26 here. Let’s see where it takes us.


Faith. It was what was talked about in service today. The faith it takes to say “yes, God” to whatever he calls us.

I stop and ponder to myself, would I have what it takes to drop everything and just go to what He calls. As much as I want to be able to say I would, I cannot say that honestly.

Faith. It’s the step we take after He draws us to Himself. Without faith our futures look bleak. They look hopeless. Uninteresting.

With faith, however, our lives look vibrant. They look hopeful. Meaning-filled.

Faith adds color to an otherwise dull world. Faith is what it takes to walk onto the next step. Especially when we’re unsure if it’s there or where it will take us.

We are called to walk by faith. To walk in utter dependence on Him and trusting His plans in every move we make.

It takes guts to walk in faith. Because walking in faith can lead us anywhere, we must be willing to drop everything and go. Open ourselves up to His plans for us, even if they look different than our own. More than likely, they will.

Faith. What step of faith is He calling you to take next?


3 thoughts on “FMF: Faith

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  2. “Because walking in faith can lead us anywhere…”

    Anywhere! We must be willing to just walk… without a plan and without knowing the end result. But trusting that his plan is PERFECT.

    Praying that your faith is strong this week, my friend. ❤

    • I’m praying my faith is strong enough to withstand this week as well. So glad He brought us together right now. 🙂

      May we both rest in the knowledge that His plan is indeed (as you said) PERFECT.

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