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FMF: Grace

Well, friends February is starting to wind down. I’m so enjoying these five minutes of writing each day. I hope you’ve enjoyed them too.


Grace is a gift that has lovingly been bestowed upon me. Why? Because He loves me so much that He could not imagine heaven without me. 

Grace was meant to be a gift. Yet, I always forget that. I find myself trying to earn grace.

How ridiculous would it look for us to receive a birthday gift and then feel the need to act “good enough” to deserve the gift.

Why then do we feel the need to do this with grace? Could it be because we forget that it is a gift given out of love? Perhaps, this world has ingrained into us that we must do in order to deserve and once again we reflect that earthly mentality onto our relationship with God?

Friends, grace is a beautiful thing that all we are required to do is receive it. My hope is to go about each day remembering that nothing I do will make me good enough for grace. The only thing that does is His love for me.


5 thoughts on “FMF: Grace

  1. Just started reading Grace for the Good Girl, and your words speak louder today because of it. We spend so much time trying to earn grace. Why is it so hard to just accept this free gift? We have grace ONLY because of His love!

    • Katie! I absolutely LOVE that book! 🙂 Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on it…maybe even compare “notes” sometime. Prayers that you find the freedom from the try-hard life through the words Emily poured onto those pages.

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