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FMF: Security

Today’s post marks 5 days left in the month. Which means 5 days left in….

You can go here, to find a list of all the posts. Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo. Their word is grit. My word today is Security.


Security. Such a fickle thing in today’s world. It, for sure, is one of my biggest struggles. Finding security in my identity as a child of the Most High God has always been hard for me. While I’m making progress, the battle is still hard most days.

My search for security started at a very young age. I shared some of the reasons why the other day. Growing up in an unstable environment, it is hard for a person like me to have had security from a young age.

Insecurity runs rampant in my mind most days. If I’m not careful it can consume and control me. When I am diligent, on the defense looking for it, the falls aren’t as hard.

Being the 4th kid in a family of 5 kids makes me a middle child. Middlee children are notorious for struggling with their identity and security. I also have the mentality of an oldest child as well. Which just makes this search for identity and security that much harder. While I have the mind of an oldest some days, I have the heart of a middle child, a very emotional middle child at that.

It wasn’t until I turned to God and what He has to say about me that I found the roots of my insecurities. Until I was able to start to overcome them.


4 thoughts on “FMF: Security

    • It’s a daily, hourly, and {sometimes} minutely choice for me. Remembering that I have a Father who thinks I’m the most precious thing on the face of this earth should be my primary motivator for being able to completely demolish this struggle, but alas, Satan steps and and tries to convince me that I’m “just like everyone else.” The battle really is all about choosing to see God’s opinion of me over anyone else’s.

      • Choosing to see God’s opinion of me over anyone else’s…. This really speaks to me today. I am always so interested in what others think about me, when really I should just remember that if He is pleased with me, that’s all that really matters! Love your words today, Amy!

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