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FMF: Doubt

My five minutes starts…


Doubt causes us a lot of pain. On this journey to getting healthy, doubt loves to creep in and get nice and cozy, convincing us that we can never do what we’ve set out to do. Doubt helps us to realize our inadequacies and our need for His intervention to help us get better.

Only by overcoming our doubts, will we be able to succeed in our endeavors.  Doubts reveal our humanness and it is our choice how we react to it. Will we run and hide (forcing ourselves deeper into doubt) or will we run to Him and allow Him to expose our doubt for what it really is? Our enemy trying to defeat us and drive us away from what is Good and Beneficial.

The journey to overcoming doubts is almost always a difficult one. It is bound to be painful. Whether mentally or emotionally, the pain we feel can drive us in one of two directions as well. We can either go further into doubt, or we can run to Him and allow Him to heal our doubts.

So my friend, which way will you run when doubt creeps in? Will you run to the Healer? Or will you run to your go to “fix it”?


In keeping with the spirit of Count Me Accountable and since I didn’t last week, I thought I’d “weigh-in” today. So, I stepped onto the scale and found myself pleasantly surprised. The number I saw wasn’t just under 180, it was closer to 170! That number being 172. 🙂

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