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FMF: Loss

Hey friends! Back again with another Five Minute February. Day 22 of 29. Only a week left! Hard to believe that February is almost over already! Granted it is the shortest month of the year.

My goal for this month is to write for five minutes a day, each day. (I’ve made it pretty close. Only missed one day so far.) I write for five minutes flat. Writing without worrying about if it’s just right or not. In these five minutes this month, my heart has shown more often than not. To see the whole list of posts you can go here.

My time starts….


Flashbacks. To a time when everything was thrown upside down. My oldest sister moved out. Shortly after, Dad moved out (temporarily). My whole family was in chaos.

Both relationships were changed. The loss of connection so real. For one, it was a different type of connection. One loss meant only seeing him once a week and talking on the phone two or three nights a week. The other, the loss of a relationship, almost completely. A relationship that has never been as close since. The loss of a sisterly bond. One that hasn’t been reconnected, not for lack of trying.

A few years later, Dad moves out again. This time for good. Due to divorce. The loss of having the privilege to say “my parents are still together.” Again, a loss in the everyday bonding time with daddy. Probably the hardest loss for a daddy’s girl like me. A few years later, we moved in with him and that loss of daily contact comes back.


Not as much today friends, but a tough one to write.

Will you consider joining me by writing for five minutes on loss?

3 thoughts on “FMF: Loss

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  2. I feel your pain here today, sweet friend, in your words. I am always so blessed by your authentic vulnerability. I lost my dad to a heart attack 7 years ago, so I know loss. Blessings to you today, Amy. ❤

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