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FMF: Submission

Friends! I feel so sad. I was sick with the stomach flu, so I didn’t get on the computer yesterday to do my Five Minute February. So sorry about that! I still have lingering fever today, but am feeling much better.

With that being said I’m back today with Five Minute February.


Submission…an oh so un-liked word in today’s world.

Submission is the act of willfully yielding to another. In other words, willfully setting aside ourselves to better serve another.

Submission can be to a human, a job, or God. Why is it so hard for us to grasp the concept of submission? Perhaps because human aren’t always able to be trusted. Trust is a base condition for submitting to someone.

If we take that view of it, why is it so hard for us to submit ourselves to God and His will? Could it be that we often reflect the qualities we see in others onto Him? I know I’ve been guilty of doing so.

I often have trouble remembering that even though, we, His creation, are imperfect, He is perfect. Why is it so hard for my finite mind to grasp that He is perfect, and that He is the only one who can be trusted.

Since God can be trusted, that means we should be willing to submit ourselves to Him and His will.


3 thoughts on “FMF: Submission

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  2. “Could it be that we often reflect the qualities we see in others onto Him?” Wow, Amy, what a good point! It’s true! We’re so guilty of putting God into a box, aren’t we? Great thoughts, friend. 🙂

    • Katie! Each time I see that it’s you who commented, I get a great big smile on my face, even before reading it. Your comments are always so encouraging. Thank you for that. The line you picked out Isa truth I’ve been learning of myself, it’s a truth I hate to have discovered, but a much needed discovery it has been.

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