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FMF: Sacrifice

Today’s post for five minute February starts…


Sacrifice-to give something up for someone else.

Sacrifice-Something God’s been teaching me a lot about. Through fasting, He has taught me to sacrifice what I called “good” food to show me better food.

Sacrifice. To give up my desires for His. This is the true meaning of living a sacrificial life, isn’t it? This is the issue I’m having the most struggle with at this point, right?

Why is sacrifice so hard? Why does our selfish, fleshly mind and heart make sacrificing to Him, for Him so hard?

I want to live a sacrificial life. I do. I pray for my life desires to subside to that His desires can flourish with in me, but then it’s not long after that my desires start creeping back in.

Sacrifice. May I learn how to do so better. May I learn that sacrificing isn’t about me. It’s always about the other person. Be it God, or someone else. Sacrifice isn’t for me.

Living a sacrificial life. A goal that is hard to attain in this world. Living a sacrificial life. Something that will bring more good then one can comprehend. Sacrifice, laying down my pride, so that He can be shown glorious.


Sacrifice. What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “FMF: Sacrifice

  1. “Laying down my pride, so that He can be shown glorious…”
    So true, Amy, but oh-so tough! I pray that we can truly learn what it means to lay ourselves down for His glory.
    Lovely words today, friend! 🙂

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