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FMF Commitment

For those of you stopping by from Five minute Friday. Welcome. My word is different because I’m on a journey to do something called five minute February. Where I write as we do on Fridays every day through February.

Today is day 17 of 29 of writing unedited for 5 minutes flat…5 minutes straight. This is the time when we just write what’s on our hearts. We write without worrying if it’s just right.


Commitment, one of the things we have such a hard time with into today’s society. In a place where everything is disposable and nothing lasts, most feel that there’s no reason to commit to anything.

On the contrary, we were made to commit. To commit ourselves to the God of this universe. We see this in almost every way. We are created male and female. We were created to compliment each other. To support each other. To complete each other when in complete unity with God.

Commitment can be scary, but if it’s the right person, it’s the natural step. Commitment done right, focused in the right place is fulfilling.

When we take delight in committing to something we will find so much satisfaction. Commitment is what our hearts long for. We want to know that someone is committed to us and only us.

Commitment takes time. It takes a positive attitude. Commitment takes dedication. It takes heart. Commitment takes all of a person. It can not be a “somtimes” battle. Commitment must be a promise of your complete person.

That’s what God commits to us…all of Him.


7 thoughts on “FMF Commitment

  1. I love the Five Minute February idea! I also love your thoughts on commitment. “Commitment must be a promise of your complete person.” – such a powerful truth!

    • Thanks so much Kelly. The idea came to me at the end of January and I felt called to do it. 🙂 It’s been a fun journey so far. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the month.

  2. I agree…. we seem to be a “throwaway” society and it amazes me how life accelerates at a truly alarming rate. To fully commit and to see something through takes courage, dedication, love and sometimes blood, sweat and tears – but anything less will deplete us and ultimately leave us empty. God is committed to us and this is so true that we are made for commitment. Great 5 minute February idea!

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