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FMF: Health

Day sixteen here of Five Minute February! It is also, our weekly Count Me Accountable day over at Must Love God as well! But first. I must write my five minutes on the word health. So I will start that…


For me, health is becoming more important in my life. I have decided to change the way I eat, the way I live, the way I seek. While the first two are challenging and normal ways that we all try to get to better health, the last way is probably the hardest.

To discover health in the way we seek means that we are to leave our hearts, minds and souls open to the new ways God wants to teach us. It means that we are willing to allow Him to reach into our filth, work in and on us to get us to a better state of health.

Health encompasses a lot of areas in our lives. From mental, to emotional, to physical and even still to spiritual health. I have found in my life that if one of these is off (or not being worked on) then at least one, if not all, the others suffer as well.

Being conscious of our health is so much more than eating right and exercising. It is about becoming healthier in the way we think, the things we desire, the things we chase after. If our perspective is off of the one who created us to be healthy, then it will be extremely difficult to stay on a healthy course of life.

The mantra many of us in my circle are using is simple. It’s from a wonderful gal who has struggled with food addiction as well. The mantra is: Eat Clean, Move More, and Refresh Daily.

Are you willing to commit to those three things?


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