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FMF: Marriage

So this was totally not planned…I swear. Who woulda thunk, marriage would land on Valentines day. With that being said….let’s just get started.


Marriage. What can I say about marriage in just 5 short minutes…well lets see. Marriage is a representation of God’s relationship with the church. Looking at it from that perspective, it’s no wonder most marriages do not do very well. We’re modeled after what was originally supposed to be a perfect union.

After the fall, marriage has become increasingly harder. Flawed people coming together in a holy union will not work unless both people have God as the focus.

As Christian’s we are called to set a different precedence compared to the one we see in today’s society. Just because our society says that marriage is not forever, God says that it is forever. The only reason He gave an “out” was because we begged him for another way, an option out. It was because of our selfish and sinful mindset that divorce was even mentioned in the Bible.

God has said that He HATES divorce. Shouldn’t we too? Not that we should condemn those who have been through one, I’m not saying that. We are to love them despite the choices they make, but we are to encourage those around us and remind them of His words and heart towards marriage and divorce.


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