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FMF Friendship

A fresh week. A fresh challenge. A fresh start. A fresh subject for my Five Minute February post.

Challenge reminder. Last month I wrote a word for each day this month (all 29). One word to write about. This is my time for me to just write without worrying about if it’s just right or not. You can see all the posts in the link above, I’m listing them all there, so if you’ve missed one or two, I’d love to have you read them. 🙂

My time starts…


Friendship. In my life that has pain laced all the way through it. From the time I was young, I have had issues making true friends. I’ve had more then enough people say they were my friend, only to turn around and misuse that title.

It has only be as of late that I have any semblance of what friendship means.

To be a friend means to be someone who is reliable. A friend is there in all circumstances, not just when it’s convenient for you. A true friend is someone who, even though you might not completely agree, will be supportive. A true friend expresses their opinions once, and then lovingly accepts each ones choices and encourages them to follow through on such decisions.

Friendship can be so many things in so many ways. Through the community of women at Must Love God. I have found some of the deepest, most rewarding friendships. Although we’ve only known each other a short period of time, it feels as though we’ve been friends since we were children. Better still, we’d love to have you join in that community.

Through my church, I have found my best friend. She is amazing and I could not be more grateful for her.


Now it’s your turn. What does friendship mean in your life?

9 thoughts on “FMF Friendship

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  2. Friendship is one of those things we just can’t live without. That’s why so many people get depressed when they get older, move, or loose their jobs – they no longer have that support systems of friendships! I know that I often take my friendships for granted, but I am blessed to be friends with some wonderful understanding women!

    • One of my hardest trials as of the past couple years was when my husband and I switched churches about a year and a half ago. I’ve had one person who I made quick friends with turn on me when her life got rough. I have also made a couple other really good friends who are A-MAZ-ING. It’s taking me longer then I expected to make friends, but I guess that’s because I’m more cautious to let people in with the amount of times I’ve been misused and mistreated.

      • I definitely think it has gotten harder to make friends than it used to be. It’s awesome that you have made the effort (and it IS effort) to get out there and make new friends.

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