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FMF: Safety

If you’ve been around here this month, you know the drill. If you haven’t been around…welcome or welcome back (whichever fits better). To see what I’ve got going on this month you can go here and get the info.

The ride starts…


Safety. Something that I believe every human sets out to search for at one point in life or another.

For some, they find the safety early on in life at the place they call home. For others, school is their safety net. While others, still, find their safety at the Church they attend.

Safety was something I found at both school and church. When the home life is chaotic, it’s hard to feel safe. For me, school was my daily time of knowing that I was in a place that was (relatively) safe and I didn’t have to be (as) afraid of being hurt. Sure there was rejection and isolation there, but it wasn’t anything like the emotional/mental abuse that was experienced in the situation at my house at the time.

However, my most consistent place of safety was my home church. We had gone there since I was eight, and until my middle school years the leadership remained the same. Even then after the leadership changed the accountability, the encouragement, the message, the love all stayed the same.

Safety within my church helped me to understand the safety I have in Christ. While I do struggle with trusting Him completely with some things, I know and believe that I can always go to my Church and be safe.

For that is where He meets me more than anywhere. When I need comforting, I typically find it during worship. When I need encouragement, I can find it in my Church family. When I need safety in Him, I can go to His (physical) house and rest in the safety of His arms.


Once again, a small piece of my heart, laid bare before you. Where has your safety been residing? In yourself? In someone else? In Him? If it’s not the latter, I would encourage you to do some digging and find out why it isn’t. The reasons are different for all of us. I’d love to chat with you all about this, whether by commenting on here, or connecting here, or following me here, or even e-mailing me. Whatever you would be most comfortable with, I am open too. Love to you.

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