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Count Me Accountable {Hesitant Today}

Today, I woke up, I did my normal routine before my weekly Thursday weigh-in. I looked at the number and saw 182, a 2 pound gain from last week. I was bummed, but not surprised.

My week was all right. My goals as always are Eat Clean(er), Move more, Refresh daily.

Eat Clean(er)–After having no bread since January 10th (the first 21 days were through fasting and after that I decided to keep it out because of how much better I was feeling). This past weekend, I thought, once won’t hurt. Man was I wrong, once I let one in, another followed, and another, and so on.

Next Steps: I am on a journey again to cut out bread. I have kept to my fast of no pop. However, on Monday I’m going to switch up my fast. I will be doing a  21 day of eating only fruit, vegetables, and nuts. I will only be drinking water and tea (with honey, no sugar, no cream). The main reason that I’m not starting this today is because my husband and I are planning on doing our Valentine’s outing this weekend, so I’d really like to be able to go out and do something without having to limit our choices too much. However, I won’t have any bread or pop while we’re out.

Move More: I’ve tried to keep myself up and moving at work lately. That has helped my energy stay up where it needed to be throughout work.

Next Steps: If you read Meredith‘s post today, she has started the Couch to 5K running plan. My sister has mentioned that she’s got an old Iphone I can use to do this challenge. I will be working on this journey starting ASAP.

Refresh Daily: Almost all of my studies are getting done consistently each day. The only one that has seemed to fall through the cracks is the Paul study that I’m doing with two of my friends.

Next Steps: Find a way to work the Paul study into my daily routine. Get up earlier and do my own version of Hello Mornings.

Here’s looking to a better week next week!

How was your week? Are you going to link up to the Count Me Accountable post from today?

4 thoughts on “Count Me Accountable {Hesitant Today}

  1. Are you cutting other sources of wheat/gluten out too or just bread? Bread is my weakness but I’ve cut way back.
    I switched to stevia from Splenda and use local honey on occasion in my tea. I’ve really eliminate packaged/processed snacks. I am loving Lara bars which are just plums and nuts- and that’s about as processed as I get snack wise (well we’ve ordered pizza and had taco packaged seasoning).
    So eager to hear your progress.

  2. You are knocking me out with your posts this week, here and on MLG. Love the way you are getting up, brushing off the dust, and keeping on with your trek. May His words inspire you as you inspire me!! 2 Timothy 1:7…For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

  3. Amy… It sounds like you’ve got a great plan and you’re really on the right track. Keep going! You’re making fantastic choices for yourself. I know exactly what you mean about the bread! Same thing happens here. You might check into the book Wheat Belly… it has some interesting science about why that happens. It has really helped with that same struggle!

    Great goals! Enjoy your Valentine’s night out.

    • Thanks Michelle! It’s so hard to stay the course sometimes, especially when I’m the only one out of four people in my house that is making drastic changes to better my health. But with His help and faithfulness, I’m pressing ahead. Fully aware that this may not be the last rough week, but optimistic that He’ll always help me bounce back.

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