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FMF: Fruit

Here we are…day 8 of 29 (yeah it is a leap year…)

The goal? To write for five minutes flat. No editing. Writing without the worry of it having to be just right. So…off we go…


Fruit. Such a delicious treat. 

Fruit. Starts off as such a beautiful blossom.

Fruit. That is how they’ll know us.

We are told that we will be known by the fruit that we produce. Is the fruit hanging off your tree ripe and good for eating, like the trees in the Garden of Eden–perfectly ripe? Are the bruised from damaging circumstances? Are they beginning to rot due to improper care? Or have they already fallen off the tree due to neglect?

When we proclaim Christ as our leader, there should be no reason for people to wonder whether or not we are followers. After all, if we truly, wholeheartedly follow Him, our fruit will prove it. We won’t have to feel the need to convince anyone because our actions will do the job.

Fruit, such a forsaken delicacy. So often we’ll look over them to something we think is better, or tastes better. We fail to realize that fruit are super-foods. There’s a reason that He compares our actions to fruit. If they’re good, they’re super-food, of their bad, they’re horrible.

Our fruit rubs off on those around us. My question for us today is this: What type of fruit juice are you leaving behind?


Psst…I have a secret…Well sort of. My best friend and accountability partner that you’ve heard about so often on here? Well…she has a blog and is looking to connect! Check her out here. She’s got a great heart and I think you guys will love her to pieces.

3 thoughts on “FMF: Fruit

  1. I was just reading the passage about the vine and branches in John last night. It’s so comforting to know that the pruning He does will help us bare more fruit. Great post!

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