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FMF: Serve

Feel free to check out the concept for February here.

My five minutes are to begin…


To serve, to exalt another person’s needs above your own. Some of us are born servants, others are not, and still some become servants to gain acceptance by those around us. Unfortunately, I have a habit of falling into that last category.

People would tell me that I have a servants heart, I would gracefully thank them. Yet I would know that the only reason I helped out the way I did was to have a place to “fit”. A way to gain acceptance from those people.

Serving should come from the heart. Serving shouldn’t be about what we can get out of it. Serving with a heart like God’s is the goal. It’s the way we should live.

The question is why don’t we? Why don’t we serve like Christ served. Wholeheartedly and with no expectation? Because Satan has taught us (and taught us well) that everything we do needs to have some sort of reward in it for us.

Yet we fail to realize that by serving others with a clear conscious, we will find ourselves fulfilled. We will reap the benefits of a servants hearts. It’s all about storing up our treasures in heaven, not her on earth. Why do we continually forget this? Oh that’s right because the here and now feels good, over the there and later.

My goal is to live a more serving life. Especially when it comes to serving my husband and family.



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