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FMF Impossible

Here we go! For an explanation of what you’ll see going on around here this month, look here.

Get Ready…

Get Set…


Sometimes it’s our expectations that are impossible to live up to. As I said yesterday, I was given a glimpse into something wonderful, magical, convicting, but so freeing. I was shown that I try to put people into a certain box, a certain mold, or expect a facet of their life to look a certain way. Like what I would think to be ideal for our situation.

God showed me yesterday that as long as I keep thinking like that, everything I expected would be impossible. Instead, He called me to rely upon His Spirit of discernment to lead me into a freeing experience of watching His work in those around me.

Impossible…with God, all things are possible. Meaning? With me and my thoughts–not gonna happen, not possible. Once I give it to Him and start looking for and allowing Him to move in certain situations? Then I will see. Then my desires will align with His desires.

Only when His desires become ours will we actually see that progress isn’t impossible. No, it is entirely possible by God’s grace.


On a different note…one of my favorite friends is writing over here today. Jump over and find out what our hearts and vacuums have in common.

Oh and I would LOVE to have some of you join me in this journey to write for five minutes. Even if it’s not every day, feel free to join up on a day that you have some free time. 🙂

3 thoughts on “FMF Impossible

    • I love to support the causes that I believe in. You and Internet Cafe are two of those things! I sent you an e-mail w/ more detail–if you haven’t gotten it and read it already. 🙂

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