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FMF: “Wait”

My five minutes start…


This morning, I was sitting in church. I prayed for one of my deepest desires at this point in my life. While I wait, resting in His presence, He gently gave me a glimpse into His plan. It was so freeing. It is making it a lot easier to wait on certain aspects of it, but as I wait I can be confident that God will show me bits and pieces of His work. 

To wait, to be patient. Usually I am pretty good at it, but sometimes I have a hard time waiting. Waiting on kids is one of my areas of impatience right now. We’ve always said that it would be in His time, but sometimes, His timing seems like it’s forever away. I know, I know, we’re still young and have plenty of time, but it’s still weighs on my heart from time to time.

There’s a song out there that helps in the time of waiting. It’s called “while I’m waiting” by John Waller. I hope you enjoy it:


4 thoughts on “FMF: “Wait”

  1. I’m waiting on His timing about kids, too, Amy. I’m learning that my faith in the waiting is making me who I need to be. Even though it’s SO tough to be patient. Hugs to you!

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