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FMF “No”

Back again with another 5 minute of writing. The joys that come along with just writing for five minutes flat without having to worry about if it is just right or not! It definitely challenges me to be authentic and not worry so much about my wording and whether anyone will get offended.


Does any one else hate hearing the answer no? I know I do. Whenever it comes to something I really want, the last thing that my ears like to hear is no.

I find myself battling with the toddler within. Sometimes I feel like pouting. Other times I feel like throwing a temper tantrum. anything to prove exactly how I am feeling.

Sure there are times when I know that no is the right answer, but that rarely makes it easy to hear. Nor does it make it a desired answer.

No also can me without. As in no one knows how I feel about _______. Or no one seems to care. Again, no one would be willing to help me with this. These are thoughts that the enemy likes to put into my head. Especially when it comes to my temptations, trials, and failures. He wants me to believe that no one is willing or able to over look these obstacles and that I’m on my own.

On the other hand, I know that God says: “No, my child, you can’t do this on your own, let Me help.” Often He’ll say no to protect me from something–primarily my selfish ways. Other times, He’ll use no to redirect my attention. When the thoughts above start creeping in I can hear His spirit saying “no, no my child, that is the wrong path to go down.” if I am obedient and will listen, I’d avoid a lot of heart ache.


Just that simple. I hope you’ll join me on the rest of this journey! 

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