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FMF “Go”

Today begins our walk through February. If you missed the explanation, feel free to follow the link that the button will take you to.

My five minutes begin:


Ready. Set. Go. This common analogy reminds us all of the start of a race, or a test, or anything else that we’re waiting for someone to give us the “go ahead” to begin.

For me, the “go” that I wait most often for is the one that my Father tells me through my Spirit. There’s many things I’m waiting for His “go”. While I wait I decide to focus on the things that He’s already told me to “go” with.

The biggest one is my role as a wife. I’ve been one for almost three years and it’s still a daily battle to figure out the type of wife God has called me to be. Part of that is my own stubbornness while another side of it is simply learning my husband better. Which happens every.single.day.

Another place I have heard go in my life is when it comes to schooling. I didn’t do so well in my first semester several years ago, so I quit. I have started back again, but needed to be sure that it was going to be covered because we don’t have the money to pay out of pocket. Thankfully almost all of it was covered by financial aid.

I hear Him saying Go in my dreams to reach other women in the areas that I struggle. He’s given me a platform to do so over at MustLoveGod. I love the group of ladies I have met through this marvelous website.


There it is. that simple. Five minutes and I’m done.

What does “go” look like in your life?

4 thoughts on “FMF “Go”

    • I loved this idea when it came to me last night at work. I wanted something that was going to challenge me to be consistent in my writing with proving that it doesn’t always have to take a ton of time, so long as I follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit! Thanks for stopping by!

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