FMF: Crave

Winding down. Winding down. February is winding down.


Crave. It is what we were made to do. What cravings are we really built for? Relationship. Primarily a relationship with Him.

So often we search to satisfy our cravings in many other ways. For some of us, it’s food. For others, it’s through sex. Others still, being needed. And the list could go on and on.

Think of that one thing, that one thing that you turn to to “satisfy” you in a moment of stress, sadness, or pain. I’ll bet that for each of those scenarios it’s the same thing.

Let me ask this. If we were made for more than this world, why then do we seek to fill our cravings with things of this world rather than turning to the thing bigger than we are?

Could it be that we are scared of what happened if we actually turned to Him instead of things of this world? Or is it perhaps, and honest mistake? We automatically go elsewhere to fulfill it because that is what we know. What we learned.

Now is the time to retrain our brains, emotions, bodies to go to Him instead of our particular something. I can assure you, breaking those habits to satisfy our cravings will hurt at first, but it will so be worth it.

I’m willing. I’m striving. Are you?


FMF: Hope

February is winding down. Two more days after this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.


Hope. The ability to say “it is well” deep in the depths of our souls. This is the point that I am praying to get to.

To live a life of hope is to look at the optimistic side of every situation.

Many would say to hope in things would be setting oneself up for disappointment. I don’t feel this way. The angle I come from, when we hope in God’s best for us, then we will never be disappointed.

Hoping in His plans over our own is the safest place to be.


On this note. I want to play a song that I like to cling to in hard times.

FMF: Faith

Day 26 here. Let’s see where it takes us.


Faith. It was what was talked about in service today. The faith it takes to say “yes, God” to whatever he calls us.

I stop and ponder to myself, would I have what it takes to drop everything and just go to what He calls. As much as I want to be able to say I would, I cannot say that honestly.

Faith. It’s the step we take after He draws us to Himself. Without faith our futures look bleak. They look hopeless. Uninteresting.

With faith, however, our lives look vibrant. They look hopeful. Meaning-filled.

Faith adds color to an otherwise dull world. Faith is what it takes to walk onto the next step. Especially when we’re unsure if it’s there or where it will take us.

We are called to walk by faith. To walk in utter dependence on Him and trusting His plans in every move we make.

It takes guts to walk in faith. Because walking in faith can lead us anywhere, we must be willing to drop everything and go. Open ourselves up to His plans for us, even if they look different than our own. More than likely, they will.

Faith. What step of faith is He calling you to take next?


FMF: Grace

Well, friends February is starting to wind down. I’m so enjoying these five minutes of writing each day. I hope you’ve enjoyed them too.


Grace is a gift that has lovingly been bestowed upon me. Why? Because He loves me so much that He could not imagine heaven without me. 

Grace was meant to be a gift. Yet, I always forget that. I find myself trying to earn grace.

How ridiculous would it look for us to receive a birthday gift and then feel the need to act “good enough” to deserve the gift.

Why then do we feel the need to do this with grace? Could it be because we forget that it is a gift given out of love? Perhaps, this world has ingrained into us that we must do in order to deserve and once again we reflect that earthly mentality onto our relationship with God?

Friends, grace is a beautiful thing that all we are required to do is receive it. My hope is to go about each day remembering that nothing I do will make me good enough for grace. The only thing that does is His love for me.


FMF: Security

Today’s post marks 5 days left in the month. Which means 5 days left in….

You can go here, to find a list of all the posts. Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo. Their word is grit. My word today is Security.


Security. Such a fickle thing in today’s world. It, for sure, is one of my biggest struggles. Finding security in my identity as a child of the Most High God has always been hard for me. While I’m making progress, the battle is still hard most days.

My search for security started at a very young age. I shared some of the reasons why the other day. Growing up in an unstable environment, it is hard for a person like me to have had security from a young age.

Insecurity runs rampant in my mind most days. If I’m not careful it can consume and control me. When I am diligent, on the defense looking for it, the falls aren’t as hard.

Being the 4th kid in a family of 5 kids makes me a middle child. Middlee children are notorious for struggling with their identity and security. I also have the mentality of an oldest child as well. Which just makes this search for identity and security that much harder. While I have the mind of an oldest some days, I have the heart of a middle child, a very emotional middle child at that.

It wasn’t until I turned to God and what He has to say about me that I found the roots of my insecurities. Until I was able to start to overcome them.


FMF: Doubt

My five minutes starts…


Doubt causes us a lot of pain. On this journey to getting healthy, doubt loves to creep in and get nice and cozy, convincing us that we can never do what we’ve set out to do. Doubt helps us to realize our inadequacies and our need for His intervention to help us get better.

Only by overcoming our doubts, will we be able to succeed in our endeavors.  Doubts reveal our humanness and it is our choice how we react to it. Will we run and hide (forcing ourselves deeper into doubt) or will we run to Him and allow Him to expose our doubt for what it really is? Our enemy trying to defeat us and drive us away from what is Good and Beneficial.

The journey to overcoming doubts is almost always a difficult one. It is bound to be painful. Whether mentally or emotionally, the pain we feel can drive us in one of two directions as well. We can either go further into doubt, or we can run to Him and allow Him to heal our doubts.

So my friend, which way will you run when doubt creeps in? Will you run to the Healer? Or will you run to your go to “fix it”?


In keeping with the spirit of Count Me Accountable and since I didn’t last week, I thought I’d “weigh-in” today. So, I stepped onto the scale and found myself pleasantly surprised. The number I saw wasn’t just under 180, it was closer to 170! That number being 172. 🙂

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FMF: Loss

Hey friends! Back again with another Five Minute February. Day 22 of 29. Only a week left! Hard to believe that February is almost over already! Granted it is the shortest month of the year.

My goal for this month is to write for five minutes a day, each day. (I’ve made it pretty close. Only missed one day so far.) I write for five minutes flat. Writing without worrying about if it’s just right or not. In these five minutes this month, my heart has shown more often than not. To see the whole list of posts you can go here.

My time starts….


Flashbacks. To a time when everything was thrown upside down. My oldest sister moved out. Shortly after, Dad moved out (temporarily). My whole family was in chaos.

Both relationships were changed. The loss of connection so real. For one, it was a different type of connection. One loss meant only seeing him once a week and talking on the phone two or three nights a week. The other, the loss of a relationship, almost completely. A relationship that has never been as close since. The loss of a sisterly bond. One that hasn’t been reconnected, not for lack of trying.

A few years later, Dad moves out again. This time for good. Due to divorce. The loss of having the privilege to say “my parents are still together.” Again, a loss in the everyday bonding time with daddy. Probably the hardest loss for a daddy’s girl like me. A few years later, we moved in with him and that loss of daily contact comes back.


Not as much today friends, but a tough one to write.

Will you consider joining me by writing for five minutes on loss?