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CMA #2

It’s that time again friends. Time for another Count Me Accountable Thursday over at Must Love God. If you missed what the idea behind this. Several of us who are a part of the Must Love God writing family, had the struggle with living a healthy life in all areas. After each of us sharing our struggles, we wanted to open it up for our readers to take part in as well. If you missed us last week, you can read mine here and you can read the MLG post here.

Now, to start my post for the week. I weighed myself today and I was down to 182. Not as much as I was hoping for, but looking back at the week, have some things to change in order to help. Progress is progress and I’ll take progress. My goals…Eat Clean, Move More, and refresh daily.

Eat Clean: This has been my hardest struggle this week. I have successfully stayed away from bread and grains. I have done pretty well with kicking the pop, with only having a small amount on Sunday and none other this week. My area of struggle right now is with the sugary-yummy-but-not-so-good-for-healthy-living types of food. I think my body is trying to make up for the sugar it would usually get from the amount of pop I would drink so it’s starting to crave some other form of sweets.

This week: I plan to cut back (not out…yet) on the sugary foods and think more about am I eating this for nutritional value or to satisfy a craving? I am still going forward without eating bread and grains. I will still push forward on the choosing water over pop or sugary drinks. I will be more conscious of the other foods I’m eating and whether I’m eating them for my benefit or just to eat something. Especially since I know that healthy foods can curve the appetite for the sweets, if I choose the right ones.

Move More: This one has been okay for me. It’s hard to rate for sure. While I had a couple more active days, I also had a couple days where besides my typical walking, I didn’t do much.

This week: I will be looking into getting a gym membership at Anytime Fitness. While my school has a gym that I could use, the hours aren’t real favorable to incorporate into my schedule. I go to check them out on Saturday. I cannot be more excited. My mom and my sister go to Anytime and they love it.

Refresh Daily: I have been doing fairly well in this area, but would like to see more improvement. Within the next week, one routines will be ending. 31 days to pray was an amazing experience. I’m considering doing it every month that has 31 days. I think it would be amazing to see what God will do over the course of a year of my conscious praying for him.

This week: I plan to finish on a positive note. Not just finishing the prayer challenge, but catching up in my Paul study as well. I am also challenging myself to getting up around 7-7:30 to get my bible study out of the way.

On another note:

I was reading some of my blogs the other day, and this quote jumped out to me:

“Instead of being the beloved, I feel more like the doloved”Emily Freeman

This one struck straight to the heart. I so want to get to the point where I can just be loved instead of feeling that I need to do in order to have such love. It doesn’t matter who’s love it is, I tend to fall into the earning side of it, rather then realizing that if I have to do to have that love, is it really a love that I want in my life. I have been thinking a lot about this quote the past day or two. There may be more on this later.

How was your week?

6 thoughts on “CMA #2

  1. Well I have done real good..my challenge has been to go Gluten free due to an food allergy..and only once (pizza hut wing night) did I knowingly eat anything with gluten in it.. I have lost 10 lbs since Dec 26th… but I feel awesome.. I would of never of guessed that the way I felt was an allergic reaction to something i was eating.. But Im keep going strong.. And I have been faithful to read gods word every morning, watch Joyce Meyers at least 4 times a week and Beth Moore on Wed morning..
    Have a great weekend.. and keep going strong..

    • Way to go, Karen! I’m still weening myself off of pop and sugary drinks. I’m going to slowly start taking out the candy and sugary foods as well. It’s all about baby steps for me. I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds since Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping over.

  2. Sounds like you’re really on the right track!

    The sugar is a killer for me. I’ve cut it out before, and I know that once I get there, I crave it less and less. Makes it easier to resist, and also makes everyday things that don’t taste sweet now taste sweet and yummy.
    I’m working on cutting out the sugar this week as well…

    Can’t wait to hear how you like Anytime Fitness. 🙂

    You can do this!

    • Michelle! I might need someone to keep me on the up and up w/ the no sugar thing! Keep on me about it. Thanks for stopping by. I cherish your encouragement! Glad to have you with me on this journey! Anytime fitness is now looking like a no, due to having to sign a contract and we don’t want to have to get stuck in a contract and not being able to pay for one reason or another and then getting smacked with a fee for breaking contract. BUT there is another gym just down the street that is cheap and no contract…so I think we’re leaning that way.

    • Mere! I love you too! I’m sooo blessed to have you and Amy on my side. I don’t know how I would have made it through the past few weeks without your guys’ prayers, support and encouragement!

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