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Multitudes #36-65

It’s been far, Far, FAR too long since I’ve taken part in the Multitudes on Mondays with my fellow bloggers. We all link up with Ann. This concept is based off of her book One Thousand Gifts. While I have not read it yet, I feel the need to begin to incorporate this into my life. If you need a refresher, you can check out my last post on this here.

As I sit looking back at a hectic couple of weeks, it only felt appropriate to list the blessings I’ve been seeing in my life. Here are a list of some of them:

36. A God who’s strength is immeasurable
37. A husband who is extremely understanding
38. New seasons coming and old ones going
39. His continual faithfulness
40. Progress
41. Grace
42. Opportunities to volunteer
43. Quality time
44. Deep, meaningful conversations
45. A best friend who gets it
a. And more importantly gets me
46. Journaling prayers
47. My prayer warriors
48. Count me Accountable
49. Must Love God
50. Friends who challenge me to become a better me
51. The ability to give love
52. The ability to feel love
53. Healing
54. The opportunity to know the Ultimate Healer
55. Trials in life that make us stronger and better understanding of the One who created us.
56. Bonding with others better through the trials
57. A family who loves and supports me
58. A church family who is always willing to lend an ear
59. Cloudy days that I can use to just chill and recover
60. My Kindle
61. Fresh, new starts
62. A community of bloggers who really care about each other and their readers.
63. My first post this month at Must Love God
64. Finding peace through the storm
65. Tapping into his immeasurable strength.

Counting blessings through the storms of life. I have a feeling that this is going to become key to my own growth, mental and spiritual health.

4 thoughts on “Multitudes #36-65

    • I’ve got to finish Grace for the Good Girl, then I’m either going to start that or Made to Crave, probably 1000 Gifts, since I’ll have the big concepts of Made to Crave from the devotional I’m going through right now. Thanks for stopping over!

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