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My first

Today is an exciting day. A week ago yesterday, a new site started up. It’s been something I’ve been excited for since I found out about it. Today, my first post runs there. Would you join me? We’d love to have you.

Must Love God
Join me here today

This weekend was a good, busy, crazy, exciting weekend. You can read about my day on Saturday here. After all that, I went out to dinner with my sister. She needed girl time. I decided to surprise her and invite mom to join us. We had an absolute blast. After dinner, we went to our cousin’s house and got to see her and her adorable 6 week old.

Then yesterday, my sister (yes the same sister) and I went to Indianapolis (2 hours away) for the day. We went down there to celebrate my birthday…a day early. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. My first time eating there…EVER! The food was great. The cheesecake? AMAZING.

Then we walked around a couple malls for 2-3 hours between the two. In total, we probably spent about 5-6 hours down there. We got home around 7, at which time, I spent some time with my husband. We had dinner (I only ate like 1/3 of it and brought the rest home for leftovers).

On the way back, we found some amazing Christian music stations. They helped remind me of the goal to live every day and do everything as worship. There was one in particular that hit me pretty hard. It’s by a group that I’ve never heard of before called 1000 Generations. It’s called “It Could Be Me”. Take a few minutes and listen to it. It may challenge you in ways that it challenged me:

There’s the run down of my Sunday. I hope you’re was amazing and was exactly what you needed!

5 thoughts on “My first

  1. Oh, I just had cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for the first time in November. SO YUMMY! I had Key Lime…what did you have? Sounds like you have a good relationship with your sis…like I do with mine. I am glad you got to enjoy the day together!

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