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A week in

Here we stand, a week into 2012. I’m hanging in there, by a thread some days. This year I am determined to allow Limitless be the way I’m going to live.

Honestly, this week has been exhausting. Between work, and getting together with several people, most of whom I don’t normally get together with, the memorial for someone taken from us way too soon, and on top of that the bible studies I’m attempting to keep up with, it’s been a whirl wind week.

Some days I have felt like things are towering above me. Sure, I’ve fallen a day behind on a couple things. No, I’m not going to let that get me down. Nor am I going to let that discourage me from pressing on. From fighting the good fight.

This year I am not going to limit myself by allowing these things to overwhelm me. If I fall behind–I will finish. If I don’t right now, perhaps it’ll be God telling me to slow down and save something for later in the year. However, I am praying that I will be able to keep up.

As I go into this weekend, I’m working tomorrow but then my sissy and I are taking a trip to Indy to celebrate my birthday a day early. Gotta love her! The hubs and I are probably either going to do something after work on Monday or next weekend. This weekend got way too booked, way too quick.

Next week? Not quite as booked…at least out side of the house. So praying I get some down time and some relax time. There is no work for me next weekend–I plan on keeping it that way so I can relax and enjoy time to myself and with my family.

I’ll be back Monday with a link to my first post over at Must Love God. Plus some exciting new insights from what this weekend brings about.

Have a blessed weekend friends. Lots of love and hugs coming your way.

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