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Yesterday afternoon, I was all pumped up about writing a post on all the new and exciting things happening at the start of 2012. Before I got the chance to I was informed of some devastating news. Before I get to that, I’ll share with you the reality of a friend’s family from the past several days.

On Friday, a 9 year old girl was reported missing. She and her 2 sisters had been staying with a family friend  for about a week due to their mother being ill with the flu. She’d been missing from early in the morning, but a report wasn’t filed right away due to what was described as a “communication error”.

On Saturday, there was a team that combed a 5 mile radius. Their search came up empty. That night they questioned several people who had contact with her recently.

On Sunday…Christmas Day, no further searches were done. They requestioned a couple people and questioned a few others.

Yesterday, The FBI came on board and they questioned some again. After several hours one broke. He admitted to killing the little girl in an extremely gruesome way.

Today, Mourning and pain flows through all outlets possible.

Today, I find myself sick to my stomach. How can one, who was a close family friend do such a thing. The information received last night, reminded me again how much I hate the evil in this world.

I want to be mad, and stay that way, but I know that’s not what my Creator would want from me. His reaction is to hate the evil in this world and the evil one who causes it, but to love the person behind the acts. As hard as it is to think about it right now, God originally made this man like he did all of us, in His image. This man was just persuaded by Satan to do the evil he wanted done.

So, the next day or two, I may be quiet again, mourning the loss for my friends and their family. Please keep the entire Lemmon family in your prayer.

7 thoughts on “Heaviness

    • There’s a lot that’s been said about it all since the news of her remains being found broke. Yet, I haven’t seen a single thing about grace popping up in this story. From the feedback I’ve gotten back on FaceBook, I’m not the only one who’s got this struggle. I’m grateful for this outlet to shine some light on how grace can be complicated on this situation.

  1. I truly can’t imagine anything worse. We in our finite thinking can’t understand such things as this or any of the possible reasons for it, or how God could allow it–and this is certainly one of those things we’ll never really see for what it is this side of Heaven. But still we know that god is a good God, and no telling what He will do through this tragedy. I think of the thing that was said to me on the day of my husband’s funeral (and it changed my life and proved true) … the greater the need, the greater the Great–and the greater the tragedy, the greater the opportunity for God to be God and to show Himself as Almighty. He will not fail the Lemmon family. We must cover them in prayer.

    • Amy thanks for the prayers. I know it means a lot to the family. I still find my stomach in knots occasionally over it, but not as consistent as before. God really impressed the fact that this man, despite his choices was made like the rest of us, and for that reason he needs grace too.

      This tragedy may never become reconcileable in our human minds, but I have no doubt that God will use this as a turning point in many lives. Although I didn’t personally know this young girl, this story’s impact will remain with me always.

  2. Amy, Please take some time for yourself and allow yourself to rest and pray. You were tired already and this may only bring you down more. Shore yourself up with His word and with prayer for both your family and the Lemmon’s. Saying some prayers for you… ~Lori

    • Lori, thanks for the encouragement. This weekend I plan on doing nothing, yes it’s new years and I’ll be perfectly content to stay at home with my dad since my hubby has to work. I hadn’t planned on posting anything until Saturday until this was laid on my heart yesterday. So I probably won’t post anything until, late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

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