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5 Minute Friday: Color

Today, linking up with Lisa Jo for another 5 minute Friday.

It’s been a while since I’ve participated, so to remind myself–and some of you who are new to the idea, of the rules:

  1. Write for a solid 5 minutes
  2. No editing allowed, simply write.
  3. Have fun.

This weeks topic is:


My time starts


Color is something that has a lot of significance in our culture today. Whether it be the color of your skin, your car, your clothes, you wedding dress, or the “color” of your mood.

Lets go with wedding dress. Most women want a traditional white wedding dress. Then there are some who want something that isn’t so traditional. Some use it as a symbol of their still being pure on their wedding day. Others just go with something because it looks good. While others still have other reasons for choosing the one they did.

My dress was a mix of traditional and the not-so-traditional. I wanted a white dress, but each one I tried on didn’t seem to fit me because I wasn’t what is typically represented with the color white.

I must have tried on dozens, until I tried on this one….

I loved it. It didn’t dawn on me until a few months ago exactly why I love it so much. The crimson at the brim trickles down and eventually leads to a pure white dress. This so represents what Christ does for me. He pours his blood out on me and makes my sin white as snow.


Will you join us and share your thoughts on color?

12 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Color

  1. Oh this is beautiful.
    How awesome to have a representation of yourself as a new creation in Christ, as you join to your husband together, again — new as one before God!!

    And you were stunning on your wedding day!!

    • Thanks Meredith. I love the 5 minute Fridays. I love being able to see everyone’s take on just the one word given. Proves that we have one creative God to give His children such similar yet different ideas of things.

  2. Hi Amy – wow, I love how you described your dress at the end there. Its great when we can see Christ in everything! Visiting from 5 minute friday.
    God bless

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