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Thirsty Thursday: Post 8

This week, I’ve had a lot of momentum to write. Perhaps it’s the excitement of the new site, or maybe it’s because the Spirit’s moving that much inside of me. Oh how I hope pray that it’s the latter.

I’m here again with a thirsty thursday post. Last week we discussed the name changes of Abram and Sarai. We know them better as Abraham and Sarah because of what we discussed in this post.

This week we are going to go through the first half of chapter 18. The second half is the start to another story, so we’ll cover that and another chapter or two next time.

The first thing we read is about the Lord appearing to Abraham in the form of three visitors. As far as I can tell the only way that we know it’s the Lord is because we are told that it is. My first thought was…”how in the world does Abraham instinctively know who it is coming to him.”

As soon as he reaches the guests, he asks them to join him for a meal. Abraham’s primary reaction wasn’t what can I do for you, what chore are you on, or even what am I supposed to do. His reaction was to be a host, to do to them better than what he would want done for himself.

During the meal preparation, the men begin to ask Abraham about his wife, Sarah. It is then that they tell Abraham that Sarah will have a child come a year from then. Little did Abraham know, Sarah was right outside the door and heard the whole thing.

Sarah’s reaction? Laughter, she found it comical. I mean, wouldn’t you? To be nearly one hundred and to be told that you are going to have a child. I know I’d have a hard time stifling the laugh as well. When Sarah was asked why she laughed, she denied it. She should have known that these guests were Bigger than she. Yet something did not click in her mind. So she  did the only thing she knew to do, she lied.

All the guests said to was, “yes you did laugh.” Then they left it at that. Letting the course of events over the next year do all the talking.

Those are the events we’ll discuss next week.

How about you? If you were in Sarah’s spot, what would your reaction had been?

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