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Grace for the Good Girl & Update

Today, I’m going to cover chapters 6 and 7. Which means I’m almost…almost caught up with the few other bloggers I’m that are going through this book as well. So let’s dive right in.

Chapter 6:

“If the rules are ambiguous or not known, it’s worse. I am nervous and hesitant to let my kids play on school playground after school because I fear there may be a rule against that.” Boy do I have these same fears. When I start a new job, switch to a different church, or even at the store.

“When you are a good girl who finds your identity in your performance, then mistakes mean punishment.” This is the reason I find myself walking on egg shells all the time. Instead of walking around in confidence, I find myself walking around in the fear that something I do or say will result in negative consequences.

When Good Things Turn Bad

“The mindset with which i typically approached my walk with God was one of attempting victory but secretly expecting defeat.” I wonder if this is why even some of my best laid out intentions ended up never working the way I had hoped…hmm.

“Instead of facing the failure and allowing the law to show me my need for a Savior, I consoled my failure with new and improved intentions to prove myself by myself.”

“Rarely, if ever, did i experience rest simply because I knew I was loved with an ever lasting love by my Creator.”

The Real Purpose of the Law

“A person won’t seek help until they are aware of their need.”

“The law was designed to expose our heart condition, to make us see our guilt. It was never meant to make us righteous.” 

“…the secret of the law was not to prove our inadequacy for God’s sake. It was to prove our inadequacy for our sake.”

The Mask of Law, the Face of Grace

“The law was given to lead the unbeliever to her Savior, not for the believer to try to keep it.”

“The reason we hid is because we fear if we come out from behind it, we don’t be enough. And the truth is, apart from Christ, we won’t.”

A Better Hope

“…there is a difference between the discipline of sitting down with God and the pleasure of knowing his voice.”  Learning the pleasure of God’s voice is something I need to work on doing better and more consistently.

“You and I can now go to him in freedom and joy, not to gain favor but because we already have it. We are fee to draw near rather than to try to please from afar.” And there’s true freedom in the knowledge of that.

Chapter 7:

“My dad quit drinking when I was still young.” I was 8 when my dad quit drinking. While there was some extenuating circumstances that caused it, I am still thankful. I was still young enough that I don’t have too many memories of when he was drinking. 

“If people in my family [or my circle of friends] aren’t getting along, I feel the weight of it and believe it is my job to do something about it.”

“It’s those blurry things that trip me up, the things that perhaps I could have changed or had some type of influence in the outcome. Those decisions are the ones that paralyze me, causing me to constantly question if I’m doing enough, saying just the right thing, and handling life the way I ought to be.”

On Being Responsible

“I can tell you how weakness is the door to strength and how Jesus calls us to a life of weakness so that he can be strong. And I believe it. For you.”

” “Weak” is not a four-letter bad word. Hiding behind a mask of strength and responsibility is a lonely place to live. That maks portrays to the world around us that we have it all together, that we can handle the mess, that we don’t need people, or worse, that we don’t need God.”

Ragamuffin Good Girls

“…admitting weakness is the very doorway the Lord uses to lead the tired good girl to a place of rest.” Such a peaceful place of rest.

Trust Transplant

“…you know the fine art of how to be vulnerable enough so people believe you are authentic, but not so vulnerable that all your mess hangs out. You know how to be vulnerable with boundaries.” This one caused me to sit back and think. Then come to the reality that, unless I am one on one with a person (and even then sometimes), I have an extremely hard time being completely vulnerable with someone.

“I am in desperate need of someone to depend on other than myself, I need a trust transplant.”

This is where the rub lays in this chapter. Trust, such a fickle thing. When it’s been so abused it’s hard to give all my trust to something, or someone. Even though I know that God will NEVER let me down, it’s still hard for me to place all my trust in Him sometimes.


In yesterday‘s post I mentioned getting back to the gym. Today I got up and went to the gym. I find the lights off, a note on the door saying they’ve closed and a padlock on the door.  So, I guess I’m looking for a gym for the first time in over a year. I looked into the YMCA, but it’s just too expensive for us right now.

The fast is still going all right. Last night I started craving something besides fruits, vegetables and water. I haven’t given in yet, but am thinking that the next few days will start to get difficult, but I am determined to persevere.

4 thoughts on “Grace for the Good Girl & Update

  1. I absolutely love learning more about you through going through this book.

    Almost all of the same quotes that you mentioned are highlighted in mine.
    Hard but good.


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