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Just a couple things…

First off…today is the day of birth for my other better half. It’s hard to believe that this is the 6th birthday we’ve been together for. It seems like just last year that I was sneaking around behind his back trying to figure out who to invite to the surprise 18th birthday party. Making the plans, syncing up everyone’s arrival before Kevin got there, stashing him at a friends house all day. Then, to see him come through the door, without a clue as to what was going on, that look was priceless. Today, he’s 24, we’ve been together for 6 of them, married for 2. With each day that goes by I still am learning new and disturbing exciting things about the man I married. I’m looking forward to the next, oh 50 or so years.

Second agenda, my accountability partner and I are now in Daniel in our journey to read the entire bible in a year. As I was reading, I came across the 10 day fast that Daniel and a few others were instructed by God to do. To eat only fruits and vegetables, and to drink only water. As I was reading, I heard two words…do it. So, starting tomorrow, going through the 10th of the month, I plan to do just that. Fasting from everything except fruits, vegetables, and water. I bring this before you, not to say look at me, but to ask that you join me in a prayer for strength as I go through this. Since I know all of you are great when it comes to needing support and encouragement, I knew, just knew, that I can depend on you to help me.

3 thoughts on “Just a couple things…

  1. Awesome.I can't wait to hear about it.Please mention it from time to time on the blog — I would be interested to hear howyou are doing with it.And I will certainly be praying!!And…. be watching for an email from me. I have an idea for you. BUT — I am scattered and busy and it may take a while. Haha!!

  2. Susan–Thanks so much! I knew I could count on you.Meredith–I will certainly post updates on it. I tried the whole "daniel fast" (http://daniel-fast.com/) earlier in the year, but there were too many rules and such to go along with it. So when I read vegetables (which I know included fruits) and only water, I was like, man that's simple. :)I'll be waiting for the e-mail. You've got me excited now.

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