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Time got away

This week has been…well…packed. While I look back and don’t know where it went, all I know is that it got a way from me. I wrote my Thirsty Thursday post, but didn’t get a chance to sit down and type it out for you guys, so you’ll be seeing it next week.

My goal for this weekend: to clean not only my bedroom (it’s in dire need) but to also clean the bathroom attached to it. They’ve both been things that got lost in the midst of the lack of time. So since my other half is at work all day, I’m going to try to tackle those things. 🙂 Wish me luck…I hate hate hate cleaning, but it needs done.

So, hopefully I’ll be back to my regular writing schedule next week. I hope everyone’s thanksgiving are peaceful and relaxing. As I read today, we all need to make the time to relax…looks like my time to relax will either be tomorrow, or a week from tomorrow.

Blessings friends. 🙂

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