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It’s BACK! Thirsty Thursday Week 6

Hello friends! It’s that time again. I am SOOO excited to get back to Thirsty Thursdays. Today’s post will be shorter then the others, but it still has a lot of good stuff in it. I’m extremely excited that you’re joining me on this journey to allow God to quench the thirst we all have by getting to know Him more intimately through the stories composed in His word. (We’re still in Genesis).

When we left off last time we had discussed the original design that God had for us and the fall that quickly followed. Then we saw the direct consequence to the choice we made to stray from God in the story of Cain and Able. The same week I wrote that, my family got some news and this post was eerily accurate to the situation. After that was the story of the flood and God’s desired response from us. Week four was about our own strivings to “make a name for ourselves“. Then, right before my hiadus from my normally scheduled posts to participate in a little thing called Gab-fest, we left off with the very beginning of Abram‘s story. This is where I want to pick up.

Last time we discussed God’s covenant with Abram. So we find ourselves in Chapter 16. After waiting many, many years (literally a life-time in today’s world) for a child, Sarai began to get extremely impatient and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Enter Sarai’s maidservant Hagar. Since it seemed like all was hopeless for Sarai to have a child, she decided it was time for her to find a an alternative route. She gave her maidservant (after all maidservants were more like possessions than human beings during that time) to lay with her husband. Kind of like today’s surrogate mother.

Once Sarai learned of Hagar’s pregnancy, she became extremely jealous.So much so that Hagar felt it better to flee than to remain under the mistreatment she was suffering at the hand of her master, Sarai.

While in the midst of running, Hagar heard her Creator calling out to her. She, possibly for the first time, heard the voice of the One who’s heart broke for the pain she was feeling. He said to her:

“…[Hagar] where have you come from, and where are you going?”
Can you imagine hearing the sweetness, tenderness, concern and compassion in His voice
Keep in mind, God didn’t have to ask because He already knew. He asked to share His concern with her. As soon as she hears his question, she answers. After their conversation Hagar responds in gratefulness. Then she immediately obeys.
Have you felt the beckoning of your creator? It’s amazing isn’t it? If you haven’t heard it, can I encourage you ask Him to reveal himself to you? It may not happen quickly, it may not happen right where you are right now.
I want to encourage you to go to a quiet place. Put your heart through a check for anything that may be keeping you from hearing His voice. Cut out any all of the distractions from around you (yes this means music, phone, computer and TV). Then wait in expectation.
Not too sure about this whole God guy? Want some honest conversation on why I believe the way I do? Please feel free to ask. I want to encourage you to continue on this journey with me. He is sure to do great things. 

What have you been learning?

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