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Jesus–in my life

Sometimes when I tell people the ins and outs of my life, they look at me in disbelief. After that, they’ll look at me and ask:

“And you keep coming back, why?”
Nine times out of ten, they’re not talking about going back to a location. Rather, they are talking about going back to my faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 
Those that knew me through the hard times, would have never guessed anything was going on. I had learned (quite well) how to bury my problems. All they ever saw was a smile, it was a genuine smile, because when I left the areas that were causing the problems, I left all the problems and side-effects there as well. 
After I was able to get out of the situations permanently, then I began to share about what was going on. Probably because I felt safe, like there weren’t going to be any repercussions for telling someone about it. I can’t count the number of time when someone asked why I hadn’t told someone, anyone what was really going on. My answer was always the same, but it was (and is) always true. I simply said, “I was managing everything.”
About a year ago, I was sharing my story with one of my dearest friends. She’d known me since I was eight, but didn’t know the realities of some of the things I grew up with. When I got done, her honest questions still sticks with me. Probably because it was slightly different then most, yet still had similar meaning. She said:
 “How are you able to still smile today?”

Like I said, a different question. This time, I looked at her and gave a different answer. After-all, I felt a different question deserved a different smile. I told her this:
“When I look back on my story, I look at what I went through, but then I look at how bad it could have been and what God protected me from, and can’t help but be grateful.”

So back to the title, what has Jesus looked like in my life? He’s been my constant support. He’s been my only faithful friend. He’s been the primary source of acceptance. Jesus has been the ONE thing that has always, and I mean ALWAYS kept me going.
Jesus is the reason I am here today. Had it not been for Him and His protection, who knows where I would be today.
This challenge came to me after Lisa shared what Jesus is for her. If you’d like to join in on the challenge to write about who Jesus is to you, please do. Even if you just write it in a journal and never share it, or if you decide to share it that’s great. If you decide to do as I did and share it on your blog, please leave a comment and let me know you did. I promise I’ll visit, read, and encourage. 
Blessings friends.

What have you been learning?

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