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Five Minute Friday: Remember…

It’s been a while since I’ve participated. This week’s been kinda hectic, so my Thirsty Thursday posts will hopefully resume next week. 🙂

If you remember, 5-Minute Friday’s are when a group of us gather at Lisa-Jo‘s place and write on the same subject. We write…just write for 5 full minutes. We do not edit, nor do we worry about word-age. This week’s prompt is: Remember.
My Five Minutes Begins 

What do I think of when I hear the word remember? I think of memories. Many of my memories growing up aren’t the best. My life has had many curve balls thrown at it. Through it all, I’ve managed to make it through, in one piece…physically anyway.When I remember the things I went through, I can see where bits and pieces of my heart stayed in those tough situations. 
Sometimes when I sit and think, I find that I am kicking myself, often over things that were out of my control. Other times, I look back and can’t help but smile. Smile over the people I’ve met. Smile over the situations that brought me together with some of my closest friends. Smile because the pain is over. 
Then suddenly I remember the real reason that I made it through in one piece. Had my God not swooped in and given me the strength to make it through each day, there’s no way I would be where I am today. I remember that it’s because of His faithfulness, His grace, and His love that I was able to smile through the roughest of times.
Sometimes memories are all that keep us going. Other times they remind us of what we’ve made it through. Often, however, they remind us of where we never want to go again.
Tell me friends (either here or on your blog) What comes to your mind when you hear the word:


One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Remember…

  1. Amen! If it weren't for Him, there are parts of life that would totally destroy us. PTL for His love and protection…for the times that He carries us through the fire.I'm here from Gypsy Mama's page. I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great night!

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