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Gab-fest: Day 31

Today is the last day of Gabfest…I can’t even believe that October has gone so quickly. Today is also Halloween. What am I doing on Halloween? Working of course. Today’s my first official day in the full time position at work.
Mikeschair is becoming a bigger artist as time goes on. I originally posted their song “Someone Worth Dying For” and it is one that has helped sooth my insecurities more times then I can count. This song is about the pull that God has on us and how He’s pulling us into His heart.
This next song is one by Natalie Grant. I used her song “The Real Me“. In that song she is praying to God, she’s telling Him that she’s tired of the games and that she knows that He is the only one who sees the person she is supposed to be. This next song is another one by her, explaining how there is no place like home.

What have you been learning?

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