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Feedback Please….

I need your help. I’ve got a topic that I want to discuss. In our society labels have become the way to relate to people. So often in our minds, actions and words we label people.
 My question for you is this:
What label(s) has society (or yourself) put, or tried to make you wear throughout your life so far?
After you answer that question, if you’d be so kind to answer just a couple more questions for me.
1. How does it make you feel when someone labels you?
2. Is it easy to buy into these labels? Why or why not?
3. What helps you to look past those labels?
Thank you all for your imput. 🙂 You can either comment at the bottom of this post, or you can e-mail me at godsbeloved110@yahoo.com.
Blessings on your weekend friends.

2 thoughts on “Feedback Please….

  1. 1. A label I wore (without realizing it) with pride was…'being good'. Emily's book 'Grace For THe Good Girl' is rocking my world. I'm trying to let go of the idea that I am the one that makes ME good, because it's really only through HIM.2. I feel boxed in when someone else labels me..(I guess because when I label myself, I can approve of the label. Can't approve of someone else's label before they apply it.)3. It's easy to accept my label when it helps me to feel like I fit in. And I buy into someone else's label if I want them to approve of me.4. When I feel my 'mask' start to slip and I realize it's accomplished absolutely nothing positive to remain hidden behind something that's not really a complete picture of who I really am.(Can't wait to see what you write about!)

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