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Gab-fest: Day 23

Today’s post is scheduled. 🙂 That way I didn’t have to worry about it in the long span of time. Yesterday at work, I got some good news. A full-time position came open and it was mine if I wanted it. So I took it. While I don’t  care much for second shift, it will actually work well with the schedule of my household schedule. My husband and my schedules will only be a couple of hours away from each others. (He generally works 10:30a-7p and I’ll be working 1p-9p) I cannot be more excited.

Any hoo…on to the topic at hand. 🙂 Gab-fest. While it may be winding down, I am not running out of steam (or songs come to that.

This song is one that my sister and I LOVED growing up. It’s a song that instills the story of Christ in a fun and creative way.

What have you been learning?

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